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Kirby Motor Casting

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-100076



Kirby Motor Bell Housing

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-100180




Kirby Bell Housing for Handle/Fork

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-100276



Kirby Spring Clip Handle/Fork Pin





Kirby Pin Emtor Connector

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-100656



Kirby Front Bearing Seal

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-100773




Kirby Plate to Headlight Pivot Screw

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-102168



Kirby Rear Axle Screw

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-102269




Kirby Field (2 Speed)

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-103973



Kirby Screw Field

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-104673




Kirby Field Screw Nut

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-104773



Kirby Carbon Brush Retainer Clip

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-106859




Kirby Carbon Brush Cap

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-107173



Kirby Carbon Brush Holder

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-107276




Kirby Lite Lens & Socket

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-108973



Kirby Lite Wire Cover

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-109073




Kirby Bulb (1 Point)

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-109273



Kirby Foot Switch (Black)

ITEM NUMBER: 013VS-110578



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