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Bissell Upper Hose Wrap

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2030117



Bissell Lower Hose Wrap

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2030118




Bissell Hose Duct Gasket

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2030140



Bissell Lower Push Rod (Non Hosed Unit )

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2030146





Bissell Hose Holder

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2030152



Bissell Hose Inlet

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2030167




Bissell Hose Inlet Gasket

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2030168



Bissell Hose Clip Screw

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2030209




Bissell Screw Handle Assembly

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031003



Bissell Hose Hanger

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031028




Bissell Hose Collar

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031128



Bissell Hose Collar

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031129




Bissell Hose Clip

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031357



Bissell Hose Guide

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031358




Bissell Heavy Duty Hose Clip

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031445



Bissell Heavy Duty Hose Guide

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031446




Bissell Hose Adapter

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2031457



Bissell Foot Hose Cover

ITEM NUMBER: 002V-2032044



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